7 Months Old!

The boys turned 7 months old on Saturday! (Remember they were 3 months early so they’re like 4 month olds). I’m a few days late (of course) but I didn’t get the official 7 month pics until tonight! And they’re pretty hilarious in my opinion. They were not cooperating tonight! Ha! Logan especially!


We’ve been really busy over the last week! First Thanksgiving, then the boys were baptized on Sunday. If you missed my Thanksgiving post, you can read it here. More about the Baptism in a separate blog post later this week! But here’s a sneak peek at their super cute Baptism outfits! 

Ok so now for the monthly update. The boys got their November Synagis shots last Tuesday so weights are from then. We’re working on transitioning from a 3 hour feeding schedule to a 4 hour feeding schedule so right now the boys eat 5 bottles a day (7, 11, 2, 6, and 9). I’m still nursing Mason and Logan 1-2 times a day and pumping 1-2 times a day. I thought I would have quit by now but I’m still at it! Their bottles are all formula though. I’m saving the little amount I get when I pump for after I stop breastfeeding/pumping so they can get the benefits a little longer after I stop.

Here’s one more group photo before we get to the individual updates:

Dressed up like little men in our button downs


Weight: 12 lbs. 13 oz. (approx. 5th % for adjusted age)
Mason is very smiley! And he has just started laughing! It’s so cute! He babbles quite a bit too! I think baby talk is my favorite thing! 
Mason still loves his swing. And the play gym. He’s started kicking a lot and he’s discovered toys (sort of). He reaches for toys hanging from the play gym. And puts them in his mouth. Of course! And he loves Sophie.
Mason is still the best sleeper. He sleeps through the night pretty much every night. Mason is also the best in the Mann Van! He sits in the very back and I hardly hear a peep out of him! I wish Logan and James would take notes! 
Mason gets speech and physical therapy at school. He’s doing great (in my opinion at least!) I can really tell a difference in his development! We’re working on weight bearing with his legs (I don’t think that’s the official term). I put him in the jumper at home and he mostly just sits there and chews on the side of the seat and looks around. Not much jumping. But he does jump occasionally so it’s a start!

Here’s some Mason pics:



Weight: 11 lbs. 6 oz. (still under 2nd percentile). Even though he’s tiny he’s growing and going great!
Logan is our talker! He is always making noise! I have no idea where he gets it! (Yeah right. We all know). He also smiles all the time now and he’s just starting to laugh. But only when he wants to! Check out the 7 month pictures for proof. Mr. Grumpy Pants.
Logan loves to kick his legs! I call him crazy legs! Logan spends a lot of time under the play gym now and he jumps in the jumper pretty well. He kicks like crazy! We call him crazy legs! Logan loves his swing still but not as much as he did a few months ago. 
Logan is starting to play with toys too! I can tell that he’s really concentrating and trying to bat and grab things now! Fun! Logan’s favorite “toy” these days is his cannula. Yes you read that right. He likes to play with his cannula. He mostly likes to take it out of his nose and put it in his mouth. Luckily he barely needs it. He gets so mad when we try to put it back in his nose so I took it off last night to see how he did. And he did great! No desats (low o2) while he was awake and playing. I’m still hopeful that maybe he can get off oxygen next Friday when we go back to the Newborn Clinic! Fingers crossed!

Here’s a picture of my sweet Logan without his cannula! Love this sweet face! He liked having the cannula off too!


Logan also goes to speech and physical therapy at school. I can tell a big difference in Logan too! He’s very talkative, he’s reaching for toys, and his neck is getting so much stronger! He also rolls back to belly some too!
Yay Logan!

Here’s a few more Logan pictures:



Logan modeled the Baptism outfits the day before!
Weight: 12 lbs 8 oz. (3rd % for adjusted age)

James is our laid back baby. This is super surprising if you knew James in the NICU. He was feisty! But now that his reflux is under control he’s super chill. Most of the time anyways. He still gets angry sometimes. But for the most part he’s a pretty happy boy.

James loves hanging out in the jumper. He’ll sit there for a long time and jump and look around. He’s starting to reach for toys too. He even reached for me the other day!

James doesn’t talk much but he does talk some. And he laughs sometimes too. Usually he just smiles really big though! I love his smile! 

James is also starting to favor Brian and I over other people. He doesn’t favor me over Brian or vice versa but when he gets tired he wants one of us to hold him. Or he wants to swing. That’s right, we’re equal to the swing.

James is getting physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy at school. He’s doing great too! I can definitely tell a difference with his physical therapy! James rolls over and he can lift his head and look forward on his belly.

James has also had a cold or something similar for the past few weeks. Poor baby! He acts fine but he’s very congested and he sometimes refuses to eat. Yay. Just what we need. But he’s eating enough and he hasn’t had any fever, wheezing, contracting, or other bad symptoms so we’re just sucking boogers, using a humidifier, and putting Baby Vicks on his feet (pediatrician recommended this so don’t think we’re crazy!). He seems better today though!

Here’s a few James pictures:


So all in all we’ve had a great month. I can’t believe my babies are 7 months old! I was looking through my phone the other day and came across pics from when they were just born. They were sooooo tiny! I know that they’re still tiny but they seem huge to me! 

Also, now that Thanksgiving is over we can start celebrating Christmas. Yay! I can’t wait to celebrate their first Christmas with them! Here’s a few pictures of the boys in their First Christmas onesies and leg warmers!



Brian with all 3 boys
Ha! James and Brian are cracking me up in this one!

And because it’s Christmas time, I made Snickerdoodles. And Brian and I ate them for dinner Saturday night. (We did eventually eat some soup too but waaaay later).



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