So Much To Be Thankful For

Yesterday we celebrated our first Thanksgiving as a family of 6! We’ve been through so much over the last year. And we have so much to be thankful for (for starters I’m thankful this is a blog. Otherwise that last sentence would make me cringe). Yesterday morning is a perfect example. We got up with the boys and fed them at 7, then I spent my morning playing in the living room with my 3 miracle babies. Then I woke Addison up to watch the parade and we watched it together (and the dog show of course). The boys even watched the parade! 

Mason watching the parade
Logan watching the parade
James watching the parade
Addison watching the parade with Mason

Ha! They were cracking me up! They don’t watch tv so this was a rare treat. And they loved it!

Oh and Brian was in on the baby time too!

When Addison asked me what I was thankful for this morning, I said lemonheads. True story. I am very thankful for lemonheads. But I’m thankful for so much more. 

First, the obvious. I’m thankful for my amazing miracle babies. They’ve already proven that they are the strongest little boys I know!
I’m thankful for my wonderful husband who puts up with my unique kind of crazy and only picks on me a little for being crazy. And I’m super thankful that he does so much for me and our family!
I’m thankful for my beautiful, smart, sweet, and sassy daughter Addison! 
I’m thankful for my family who has supported me more than I could ever ask over the past year. 
I’m thankful for the amazing NICU nurses, neonatologists, respiratory therapists, lactation consultants, therapists of every kind, surgeons, and I’m sure so many more who kept our babies alive when they were so tiny and helped them grow. These people are angels on earth. Seriously. 
I’m thankful for my career as a lawyer and for Jack, who refers to me as his law partner, even though I’m kinda still a baby lawyer. 

I’m thankful for my awesome triplet mommy friends on Facebook. I’ve never met them but these ladies really helped me through some tough times and they provide great advice and support every step of the way! It is so wonderful to have my triplet mama Facebook groups. Otherwise I would be lost on this whole triplet journey!
I’m also thankful for the Mann Van, which I got back Wednesday! Yay! I never thought I’d say that! Ha! But the Mann Van is awesome and it kept us safe when we got in the wreck a few weeks ago.  
I’m thankful for sleep. This one needs no explanation. Sleep is glorious. You know it. 
And the counterpart to sleep – coffee. I’m so thankful for coffee. I love coffee!
Also candy. I love candy. A little too much. 
And 100 calorie popcorn.

And I’m so thankful for everyone who has prayed for us this year, everyone who has sent us meals, cards, gifts for the boys (sorry if you didn’t get a thank you card! Babies came while I was in the middle of them but I am so appreciative!), and everyone who has visited (and everyone who has stayed away because you were sick). 
And I’m so thankful for Addison’s sweet friends and their sweet parents. I don’t know that we could have done all we’ve done without these girls and their mamas helping out! 
So there. I made a thankful list. I’m sure I left so many things off the list but it’s a start! I’ve thought about doing the daily “I’m thankful for” thing on Facebook for the month of November but I’m sure I would be one of those people who run out of things to say by Nov. 10 and then just start repeating! Ha!

Oh one more thing I’m thankful for . . . It’s Christmas Time!!! Yay! We had to wait until Thanksgiving was over, but now we can start celebrating my favorite time of the year!

And last but not least, a few pictures from yesterday. I didn’t get the boys Thanksgiving outfits, but they did wear some pretty awesome vests! I planned on taking a group photo and it started out great. James and Logan were in a great mood. Then Mason happened. So no group photo. Here’s some individuals though.



Sometimes my ideas don’t work out. Thanks Mason! Ha! Oh well! 

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