In-Out Day

Today’s our “in-out” day! You probably have no idea what I’m talking about unless you’re a triplet mama or maybe if you have a preemie. I didn’t realize this until earlier today when Brian looked at me like I was losing my mind when I told him what today is. While it’s true I may be losing my mind, I didn’t make this up! “In-out” day is the day the babies have been here the same amount of time mama was pregnant! I guess most people don’t celebrate “in-out” day because they stay pregnant for 40 weeks so maybe it’s not as special. But for me, it’s pretty special! We celebrate everyone’s “in-out” day in my triplet mama Facebook group! (BTW best Facebook group ever. You should be jealous). 
So here are my pictures:
27 weeks, 6 days out!
Last preggo picture – 27 weeks in
Mason – 1 day old (with his cotton ball diaper)
Logan – 1 day old
James – 1 day old
It’s crazy to think that the boys have been here as long as I was pregnant! Even crazier because I didn’t even know that I was pregnant until December! (We got pregnant in October! So just over a year ago!) 
We’ve been through so much in the past year! We went from a small family of 3 to pregnant with spontaneous triplets to a NICU family with 27 weekers to finally all together as a family of 6 after 5 months in the NICU to now. What’s now? Well now is when we’re finally settling in to a somewhat normal routine and finally getting used to our new big family of 6!
Here’s where we started the last 27 weeks and 6 days:

And now this:


It’s hard to believe they started so tiny! (They’re still tiny but they seem HUGE to us compared to where they started around 2 lbs.!)

Also, after 27 weeks and 6 days, we finally got our first family photos done today! I can’t wait to see them! Our photographer was great and super patient! And I had spit up in my hair like always but I think I’m the only one who noticed!

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