First Fever, First Wreck and First Trip to the ER

Today is one of those days I wish we had “do overs.” Well I wish my poor little Logan could have a do over. He had a rough day! But I’ll go ahead and share the ending – we’re home and we’re good. 

Today started like every other day. Well sort of. We got up around 6:30 (Logan and I were up off and on from 2:30-5:30 too). We fed the boys, they swang, we got ready for work, and we took everyone to school. 
Then the school called. Logan had a fever. First fever. Poor little guy! I was actually surprised they called about Logan. See Mason and James have been snotty for the last few days and we’ve been sucking snot every few hours. FYI they make this new nose sucker called a Nose Frida where you literally suck the snot out (there’s a filter so the boogers don’t go in your mouth of course). It’s awesome. Whoever bought this for us thank you!
Back to my story. Logan has not been snotty. He has been cranky (see above – he was up off and on half the night). So I was surprised. But I picked him up and took him to work with me. And I called the pediatrician! I know it may seem crazy to call the dr for just a fever but we have ex-27 weekers with chronic lung disease. And Logan is still on oxygen. So we will probably call the dr every time just to be safe. You see, a normal cold can send these little guys back to the hospital. (We ended up there today but not for that reason. Keep reading). 
Logan was so good today. I was able to work a full day and I was productive too. Yay Logan! He didn’t feel too great at first  so he just slept in his car seat. 


He played under his play gym then he took a nap. 

So then we headed to the doctor. We didn’t make it. I made a left turn at a light and a lady ran the light and hit the Mann Van. First wreck. The light had already turned red and I was still in the intersection because the a-hold in the lane next to me – which was not a turn lane – turned left in front of me. Who does that?! Anyways, she hit the back passenger side and all the airbags went off on that side of the van. And Logan was on that side too. He was startled but otherwise ok. 

So I pulled over onto a side street. And while I was moving my van, the lady who hit me fled the scene. That’s right. A hit and run. Again who does that?!
Did I say this was my first wreck? Well it was. Well first wreck if you don’t count the time we hit a deer last thanksgiving. First ever when I was driving. I was pretty scared! 
Luckily the Mann Van was still drivable once the cop cut the airbags out for me so I could see out the passenger side. 
By this time it was too late to take Logan to the pediatrician. Brian talked to the ped and he said take Logan to the after hours clinic. Well turns out they won’t see kids who have been in a wreck. So we had to go to the ER. First trip to the ER. Luckily Brian met me at the boys’ school and went too. 
Mason and James went for moral support. (Mason was eating so not in the picture). 


By the time we got to the ER, Logan’s fever was gone. And his lungs sounded clear! That was my concern so I was so relieved! They kept us for a few hours for observation due to the airbag deploring right by Logan. Then we got to go home finally! I’ve never been so happy to be home! I’m sure Logan felt the same way too! 
I’m just glad this day is over. I feel like I’ve earned a grown up drink. But I’m too tired. Maybe tomorrow.
Note: this is also my first blog post straight from my phone so if the formatting is off or if it’s not edited like my  other posts, that’s why. (Update – I had to fix the formatting because I’m OCD and it was driving me crazy just thinking about it!)

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