Our First Halloween

We had a great first Halloween! Mason, Logan, and James dressed up as Thing 1, Thing 2, and Thing 3 from The Cat In The Hat. So cute! Thanks Nana for the costumes!
The boys wore their costumes to school and they went trick or treating at school too (or so I’m told). They didn’t go out Friday night though because it was too cold! They did help hand out candy though.
And they wore festive pjs too.


(Side note: Logan has discovered his hands and he thinks they are the BEST THINGS EVER! Always in the mouth!)
Addison had a great Halloween too! She was a zombie!


And her scary poses:


Our neighbors do a group Halloween party so she went to that. Brian and I took turns inside with the babies so we both got to go too!
And here’s a few more Halloween pictures:


Brian was a zombie too!




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