Last Visit Before NICU Lockdown


It’s that time of year again. You know, the time of year when every kid, their parents, and anyone they look at funny, gets sick. It’s starting earlier this year too. I’m sure you’ve heard of Enterovirus 68 by now. Well it’s a nasty thing. I’ve heard it described as RSV on steroids. And RSV is really bad. Like we will end up back in the hospital and possibly reintubated if any of the boys gets it. So with that in mind, I really really really hope we don’t get this new virus! Because the boys have chronic lung disease, they’re at an increased risk. (Oh and the kicker, Addison is also at an increased risk because she has asthma). So if you or anyone in your house has had cold/flu symptoms recently, please stay away from us! Thanks in advance!

That being said, the NICU goes on lockdown tomorrow. That means no visitors under 12, including siblings. So Addison can’t even go back. While I completely understand and I’m glad they’re keeping the germs out as much as possible, I really hate it! Like really really hate it! James needs to see his brothers and his big sister and they need to see him. 
So I did what any triplet mommy would do and took Mason and Logan to the NICU today to visit James one last time. Mason and Logan were sooo good today too! (James wasn’t too happy). We only stayed about 30 minutes but they got to visit and that’s what matters. I only planned for a short visit because we are usually rushing out of there due to a meltdown! Then of course they were super good and I wished we had more time! And bonus – Mason got to see Cindy, one of his first nurses from UAMS who took such good care of him when he was super tiny and super sick. I wish we had more time and that we could see these special people more often!
Oh and I got a few pictures. I bet everyone can tell who is who!
We tried putting James in the middle but that didn’t work out. I think he knew the order was wrong! He was much happier once we got the order right! (Also if you’ll notice James switched wubbanubs). 
Here’s one of Logan and James:
And here’s one of Mason and Logan from this morning at home. They were talking to each other! Too cute!

And of course I took a few individual pics too:


Thanks Aunt Dot for the onesies! We love them! Everyone can tell us apart too when we have our names on our clothes!! (Our mom loves embroidered and monogrammed stuff too!)
So these will be the last group pics of all 3 together until James comes home! So that means he needs to hurry up! (He’s making progress so hopefully not much longer). They’re 4.5 months old and they won’t see each other again until James comes home or the NICU lockdown is over. It better be when James comes home because NICU lockdown continues until flu season is over. I can’t make it that long!

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