Logan is Home!!!

Logan came home Wednesday after 99 days in the NICU. It’s pretty surreal really. I know it’s been a long 99 days (14 weeks and 1 day to be exact) but it still seems sudden. Like are they sure he’s ready? Logan? If you remember, Logan was the sickest of the 3. And he was intubated the longest. He just got extubated a month ago! No one would have ever guessed that Logan would go home first. (Actually one of our favorite nurses told me about a month ago that Logan was going to go home first and I thought she was joking!) In fact, the doctors, nurses, residents, and everyone else were surprised! Everyone (myself included) just knew he would go home last! 

Logan is a little fighter for sure. When the nurse read me Logan’s discharge papers, he had a full page of diagnoses. He’s had lots of issues. The good news is that they’re mostly all “resolved” and won’t have any long term effects on him. Yay! I guess this just shows how strong Logan is. There were some days that I was super scared for Logan. He had the doctors and nurses scared too. I think all the prayers and happy positive thoughts worked!

We’ve loved having Logan at home! He’s such a sweet little boy. It took him a day or so to get adjusted to living outside the NICU but he’s doing really well. 

Logan is used to lots of noise and commotion from his 99 days in the NICU so he doesn’t like quiet. So we keep music or a noise machine on for him all the time. He really loves music! His swing plays music but it stops after a few songs. Logan lets us know when the music stops! Logan also loves to swing! Good thing I got 3 swings!
We have actually been getting some sleep too! Logan has to eat every 3 hours so we’re getting up at 12, 3, and 6 but he goes right back to sleep for the most part. We went ahead and started a bedtime routine already so Logan knows when it’s bedtime. 
Logan also likes riding in the Mann Van. He just sleeps mostly. He’s only gone out once since we came home but so far so good. Because he’s a triplet he can go back to the hospital to visit his brothers. I’m ok with him going back to the hospital as long as it’s as a visitor not a patient!
Here’s the board at the hospital showing that Logan was discharged! (I probably wasn’t supposed to take a picture of the board so don’t tell anyone!)


Here’s Logan leaving the hospital:


Here’s a few pictures of Logan’s first few days at home:
I held him like this for over an hour when we first got home! So sweet!
He’s wearing blue jeans today! (And that’s a newborn onesie that’s swallowing him!)

And here’s what I get to watch on the monitor when Logan is supposed to be sleeping!



Logan is still on 1/4 liter oxygen so we have a lovely oxygen tank and a pulse ox machine at home (and a travel oxygen tank too). The pulse ox machine is the worst thing in the whole entire world. I’m not joking or exaggerating at all. I’ve wanted to throw it out the window several times  already! I swear it goes off every time Logan moves because it’s so sensitive! Luckily we only have to use it when we aren’t in the same room as Logan (which means we have to use it while we’re supposed to be sleeping). The oxygen isn’t too bad. Just lots of tubing from the oxygen tank to wherever we are in the house. The dogs have already learned to stay away from the cords!

Oh and the dogs LOVE Logan. They didn’t notice him at first but then we put him in his lounger (like a rock n play) and they sniffed him and fell in love right away. They want to be in the same room as him at all times. And when Logan cries they come get me! Logan doesn’t seem to care about being sniffed so that’s good! 

I’m planning to celebrate Logan’s “Coming Home Day” on August 6 every year (if Brian will let me)! Mason and James will get a day too. One of my triplet mom friends does this for her triplets and I love the idea! Each triplet gets his own special day. 
Having Logan home is somewhat bittersweet. I love that he’s home. But it makes it harder that Mason and James aren’t home. If that makes sense. Soon. I hope. 

1 thought on “Logan is Home!!!

  1. Welcome Home Logan! Such a special day. We celebrate each of my triplets homecoming day. I LOVED that they each have their own special day! I am jealous that Logan can go back to visit his brothers. That wasn't allowed at our NICU and it was so hard for me to get back and see them – I did daily but it took lots of coordinating! Hoping your whole family is under one roof very soon!


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