Moving Down South

14 weeks old today. And big changes this week! Sorry for the late post. We’ve been busy getting the nursery ready. On that note, stay tuned for some big news this week. I don’t want to jinx it, but Logan is scheduled to go to a place that starts with the letter “h” tomorrow (Wednesday so probably today for most people reading this). We aren’t supposed to say it out loud. Kind of like Voldemort in Harry Potter. The nurses say he’s going to the zoo or Disney. But either way, whatever you call it, I’m pretty excited. And very nervous! Of course I’ll keep everyone updated. 
We made the big move to South on Saturday. Here’s a picture of the big move:


For everyone who hasn’t been in the NICU at Arkansas Children’s Hospital, South is where the babies go when they’re on the way out. We also have private rooms in South. 3 separate private rooms so it’s a little hectic. Luckily Mason and James are in adjoining rooms so it should get easier somewhat. I don’t know that the boys liked the move at first. They were all pretty fussy on Saturday. I don’t think they like the quiet. Except James. I think he did like the quiet. Mason now has a radio playing classical music in his room and he loves it. 
We roomed in on Sunday night. It was a crazy night! It’s intended to get parents accustomed to living with a baby. Not very realistic for us though because we won’t keep the babies in 3 separate rooms! I think we slept a grand total of 2 hours (non-consecutive of course). I was completely useless yesterday!
Have you ever heard anyone talk about growth charts for babies? You know, people will say things like “my son is in the 80th percentile for weight and 60th percentile for height.” Well I saw our growth charts today. We were on the preemie growth chart but we graduated to the big boy chart this week because we are past our due date (we use adjusted age not actual age). Any idea how we compare? Well pretty small. Even big boy James. Logan and Mason are both under the 3rd percentile for weight. James is around the 10th percentile. They are small for height too. Nothing to he concerned about though because they’re growing. 
Here’s your weekly update:
Mason weighs 6 lbs. 14 oz. today. He’s a big boy!
Mason is now back to 1/2 liter oxygen. He’s also started on the oral feeding pathway this week. He’s up to Milestone C already, which is 6 oral feeds per day. He’s doing great with bottles and ok with breastfeeding. He latches on but only takes about 1/2 of his total feed so we supplement with a bottle after breastfeeding. 
Also, Mason did great on his eye exams last week and this week. His eyes are getting better. Eye doctor said we don’t have anything to be concerned about. 
Here’s a few pictures of Mason from this week:
Talking to Dad
I finally caught a smile on camera!
This is what happens when guys get too comfortable around a baby!


Logan had a big week. He passed the big 6 lb mark and now weighs 6 lbs. 1 oz.! He’s on 1/4 liter oxygen now. He’ll stay on that even after he goes home. The doctors let him try no oxygen on Sunday and he didn’t like it. And because the babies are in charge, we had to give him his oxygen back. 
Logan’s eye exam is looking better. The doctor will still follow up in a week but they keep saying there’s nothing to worry about. Any vision issues would be minimal at this point because the blood vessels in his eyes are almost fully formed. 
Logan took his car seat test today. If you’ve ever had a NICU baby, you know what this means! (hint . . . it has to do with the “h” word). The car seat test is required before a baby can leave NICU. He had to sit in his car seat for an hour and a half without any issues. He did great and he passed! Look how tiny he is!
Hopefully I’ll post another Logan update this week!
Here’s a few pictures of Logan:
James is being James basically. Ha! He’s had a pretty good week too. He weighs 7 lbs. 4 oz. now. He seems so big! But he’s not!
James is on 1 liter oxygen now. He’s still getting his feeds over the pump but now he gets his full feed over 45 minutes every 3 hours. So we’re making our way to regular feeds. I hope he gets there soon! We did get to try non nutritive breastfeeding one time this week. James did pretty good. He latched on immediately, but then he lost interest and went to sleep. Oh well!
James is still having issues with his reflux. But he seems to be getting better in my opinion. I mean he still has his moments but overall he seems much easier to calm down. And he’ll even calm himself down now sometimes (which he would not do before at all!)
James’s eyes looked normal again last week! Yay! 
Here’s a few pictures of James:

We had a pretty busy week on top of the move to South! I spent 5 hours Saturday at the Rhea Lana consignment sale. It was so worth it though! I got 2 more swings and lots of other good stuff for the boys at great prices! And we had some visitors too!
Teresa with Mason

Grandpa with James

Grandma with Logan

My parents came too! We love visitors!
Addison also had a big week. She tried out for the dance team. And she made it! Yay Addison! And she started volleyball. And school starts next week too! Here’s a picture Addison had my mother in law take of her. Brian thinks it’s hilarious!


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