To The Dads

Moms tend to get all the credit for raising good kids. Dads don’t get the acknowledgment they deserve most of the time. And, while I would love to take credit for everything, that just wouldn’t be right. So here’s to all the great dads in my life. And why I think each one of them is great.

I don’t even know where to start. Addison and I lucked out when we found this one. Seriously. Brian has been Addison’s dad since day one. Addison was with us when Brian proposed. And we were at the zoo (for Addison). Things have just gotten better since then. 
Brian is the dad who coached 2nd grade girls soccer, even though he knew how awful it would be. He’s also the dad who takes Addison to chuck e cheese and the park, and the dad who plays hide and seek and sidewalk chalk with Addison and her friends. Sometimes even on Saturdays and Sundays during football season. He used to twirl her on demand until she decided she was too old to twirl (a sad day for all of us). And he walked her into school until she was too old for that too. And he’s taught her some great things too. He’s taught her to have a sense of humor, to be herself, and that it’s ok to be silly.



I can’t wait to see how Brian is with our 3 boys. I know he’s a great girl dad already. I bet he’s a great boy dad too. He’s already shown that some even though the boys are not even home yet. I can just see unconditional love every time he looks at one of our babies.


My Dad:
I got lucky with my dad too. My dad has taught me lots over the past 31 years, like how to ride a bike (I’m the only one he taught because I’m awesome like that), how to play piano, and how to drive. But it’s so much more than that. My dad may not be cooler than your dad, but he taught me that it’s ok not to be the coolest one in the crowd. (He’s basically a big boy scout and he sports the mustache-only even though he’s not a cop and he’s not Mexican). He taught me to be myself. (My mom helped with this too but it’s Father’s Day so we’re not talking about her).
My dad was the one at ball games yelling at me from the stands. He didn’t want to be the coach. He just wanted to tell me how to play from the stands. Very loudly. He got a little quieter when I started yelling back. See, yelling has it’s benefits. The yelling didn’t traumatize me. The opposite really. I remember that he was there at every game pushing me to do my best. And that’s what dads are for.
Dad about to walk me down the aisle


Dad with Mason today
This was before I had to share my dad. And also apparently before he started sporting the mustache-only look.
My Father-in-Law
You always hear people who despise their in laws. Not me. I lucked out here too (seeing a theme here?). There’s never a dull moment with this one though. To say he’s a mess is an understatement. I wouldn’t have it any other way.
My father-in-law is full of life and knows how to step back and not take everything so seriously. He’ll keep you on your toes (Addison calls it picking on her). And he’s teaching that to Addison and I know he’ll teach my boys that wonderful trait too. I can’t wait for Addison (and the boys) to get him back!
He also visits the boys at the hospital every chance he gets. That means the world to me. I’m sure they love that he’s there too!
Today on this Father’s Day I’m reminded of all the wonderful dads in my life and I’m truly grateful for everything you’ve done for me, Addison and the babies. We’re all lucky to have you! So thank you for all that you do!

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