6 Weeks Old

6 weeks old. 6 weeks in the NICU. We’re half way to our due date too. So maybe half way to going home? Let’s hope! 

We’ve had a busy week this week. Again. But we’re making progress. We’ve taken some really big steps this week actually. 

I haven’t updated their weights in a few weeks so here are their current weights:
Mason – 4 lbs. 4 oz. (some of this is fluid) 
Logan – 3 lbs. 12 oz.
James – 3 lbs. 15 oz.
Mason started on the steroid for his lungs. And it’s working!! He’s doing great! They have been able to wean his ventilator every day for the last several days and he’s on very low oxygen too. Tomorrow he may finally get off the jet and back on a regular ventilator. I’m sure he’ll be relieved!
Mason is also losing some of his puffiness finally! He was getting huge! Supposedly the puffiness comes from all of the fluid he’s getting for various reasons, including the iv nutrition. Well he’s now getting all of his nutrition from breast milk (put straight into his belly through a feeding tube). And he’s started on methadone so he can get off the morphine drip. That should come out in the next few days. Sorry Mason! No more drugs for you!
Another big step for Mason – he got his arterial line out today. Not on purpose but it’s out. Mason actually took things into his own hands and kicked so much this morning that it came out! We knew it would come out soon because he’s had it so long so I guess Mason decided today was the day. 

Here’s a few pictures of Mason:


He’s still puffy but not nearly as bad as he was. He actually lost 100 grams (about 3 ounces) the last few days. 

Logan spent most of the week on his right side. The PIE came back last week and the doctors were trying to let gravity help collapse the right lung somewhat which can help get rid of PIE. That didn’t work. As of Friday we were going to just give him time. Well things changed on Sunday morning. He started to get worse so the new doctor decided to try moving Logan’s breathing tube down into his left lung only. This would help the good side (the left) while letting the bad side (the right) collapse and hopefully heal. They also lowered one of the pressure settings on his ventilator. We aren’t sure what it was, but it worked! Logan’s PIE is almost completely gone. His X-ray was so much better Monday morning that they had to double check that they had the right X-ray!
As of tonight Logan is still doing better. And he’s off his right side which I’m sure he’s very happy about!
Everyone has been so great with Logan this week. Sunday night and Monday morning his night nurse called and texted to let us know that he was doing ok. And Jesse (my favorite nurse practitioner) was so excited to tell me the good news about his X-ray on Monday morning. He said he dreamed about Logan and checked his X-ray first thing when he came in that morning. Our other nurse practitioner checked his test results overnight after she left to see how he was doing. I love that our nurses care so much!

Here are a few pictures of Logan from this week:

Logan also wasn’t in the mood for picture time this day! He kept peeking at me over his arm then closing his eyes when I caught him with his eyes open.


All sprawled out once he got off his side


This one is from tonight. He’s starting to look better!

James had a really big week. I mean a huge week! First he got off the ventilator. As of today he’s back on cpap. Yay! Then he moved into a real big boy bed. Yay again! And he can wear clothes now! And get swaddled. And he got his PICC line out because he doesn’t need it anymore! I think he likes all of the changes. He’s like a completely different baby. He’s much calmer now and he’s not nearly as moody. Maybe they were right when they said it was roid rage from the steroid he was on for his lungs. But I’ll take a little roid rage if it means making all of this progress. He may move to a nasal cannula with just oxygen tomorrow. The next step after that is breathing completely on his own! Go James go!

James is on full feeds now. That means he’s getting all of his nutrition from breast milk (straight into his belly of course). They do add calories to the breast milk though to help the preemies get bigger. James seems to like it.

James also got his first hat of his very own. One of our nurses signed up to be a primary for all 3 boys so she gets one of them each time she works. So far she’s had Mason and Logan, but she takes care of James too. The other night she noticed he was getting cold with the knit hat he had on. The next night she showed up with 3 little polo hats. James has been wearing his ever since. I love it! That’s exactly what I would have picked out if I had made it to the store myself. Mason and Logan will have to wait to wear theirs! 

James is doing so much better that he is actually ready to move to a different part of the NICU. The area they are in now is for the smallest, sickest babies. James doesn’t fit that criteria anymore now that he’s breathing so much better. But they are letting him stay where he is as long as they don’t need the bed for another baby.

Here are a few pictures of James from this week. He had more happening this week so he has more pictures!

James in his new bed and in his first Halo Sleep Sack. He wasn’t sure about it at first!
All bundled up with his paci. James loves his paci!




James says pick me up! And he’s wearing a onesie with a tie on it. He’s very stylish.


James’s new polo hat! I told you he was stylish!

My first baby turned 10 this week! I can’t believe how fast the last 10 years have gone by! She was such a good baby and is a great kid now too. I hope these boys take after her (at least a little). That would be awesome. I was really impressed by Addison’s birthday gift list this year. All she asked for was (1) a pair of Sperrys and (2) to go see the movie Maleficent. So she got both. Maybe she figured out that if you really want something, only ask for that thing for you birthday (or Christmas) to increase the chances of getting it. Whatever the reason, I was happy to see that she didn’t ask for a lot of stuff this year. 

My brother posted this picture of baby Addison on Facebook on her birthday. Mason looks just like her! I couldn’t find a good picture for comparison but in real life he looks just like baby Addison! I think it’s the chubby cheeks!


Addison also had a friend over this weekend and we played Giant Jenga. Addison isn’t very good! It all fell over immediately after I took this picture!

I have actually been working some. I worked every day last week (just a few hours each day, but still, I went in to work every day). Then today I worked a full day. And I have gone to court twice in the last week. It feels nice doing normal things. I also went running a few more times. Very slowly. But still running so it’s progress.

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