Finally! I Got to Hold Mason!!

I thought we would have to wait a little longer. But I was wrong thankfully! Today I finally got to hold little Mason. It was worth the wait too. I can’t believe I waited this long! I have been missing out by not holding this sweet little boy until now!!

I didn’t plan to hold Mason today. My best friend Carly was in town (a surprise) and my aunt Teresa was here too. I was planning to spend some time with them then go back to the hospital tonight to try and hold James again. See, I thought James was the only baby we could hold right now because Mason and Logan are on the jet ventilator still. And we can only get the babies out once a day because getting them out is a huge ordeal and it’s somewhat stressful for the babies. I was talking to Jesse (our awesome nurse practitioner) about the babies and I mentioned that when Mason was ready to get out of his isolette (that’s the medical term for their beds) that I really wanted to hold him. No one knew that I hadn’t held Mason still. So Jesse made it happen right then! Obviously Jesse is my favorite person ever today.

Here are a few pictures of me holding sweet Mason:




Mason was so sweet! He laid on my chest and was almost perfectly still and content. Me too! He opened his eyes and looked around for a while at first. Then he went to sleep. I could hold him forever! Like with James and Logan, I didn’t want to give him back! I can’t wait til they get bigger and I can hold them whenever I want! These are going to be three spoiled babies!!

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