Logan’s Turn!!

Big day today too! We got to hold Logan! And I was right . . . It was just as special as holding James for the first time was yesterday.

Logan is the sweetest cuddliest baby ever! He is still on his ventilator so he was somewhat sedated. I’m not sure if this made a difference or not though. He just cuddled up on my chest and went to sleep.

I thought Logan would be the last baby we would get to hold because he was having such a hard time breathing. He was definitely the hardest for me to see because he just looked so sad and so sick, especially on the oscillator. He’s made a remarkable improvement over the past few days. Today he looks a million times better than he did last week! In fact, the doctors are weaning him off the ventilator and are considering extubating (removing the breathing tube) and switching him to a nasal cannula/cpap like James. He also pooped 2 times today. (Poop is a big deal for NICU babies). Yay Logan!


He’s not bald I promise! He just has really really really light blond hair! Did I mention how sweet he is?

Here’s some pictures of us holding Logan. In case you were wondering, yes, the picture of me holding Logan is a selfie. That’s right . . . Logan’s first selfie was today. He’s a pro.

Brian thinks Logan is smaller than James after holding both of them. I’m not sure. Logan is definitely calmer! Like yesterday, I didn’t want to give him back.

Now we just need to hold sweet little Mason! Maybe soon . . . .

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