5 Days Old!

The babies are 5 days old today. We’ve had 2 pretty uneventful days (which is good news!) All of the grandparents got to the hospital this weekend to visit too!

Here’s some new pictures:

James with a chin strap (to keep his mouth closed and keep the oxygen in)


James with his eyes open!


James all cozy in his bed




Mason in his top gun glasses (and a real diaper)


All 3 boys are doing really well. Here’s an update on each baby.
Mason is doing much better with his breathing. Yesterday they changed the settings on his ventilator so he was doing most of the work himself. He almost got off of his ventilator today but we are waiting one more day. All of Mason’s blood gas tests and xrays have been perfect the last two days. They are being cautious before they remove his ventilator because we don’t want to take it out then have to put it right back in.
The doctor heard a slight murmur in Mason’s heart (which is normal). It is probably his PDA valve closing. The PDA valve is open before birth and allows blood to flow from the heart to the lungs. In a full term baby the PDA closes right after birth. In preemies it may take a little longer. The doctor said it sounded fainter today so that’s a good sign. Mason (and his brothers) will get EKGs tomorrow just to be sure.
Pop took a nap with Mason today. He looks pretty comfortable.
Logan is doing much much better with his oscillator. They started weaning him from the oscillator yesterday but it’s a slow process – 2 steps forward 1 step back sometimes. The doctors made some adjustments yesterday and he’s had all good blood gas tests since then. Yay! They are still suctioning quite a bit of mucus from his lungs which is helping him breathe better. Today I could see him breathing over the ventilator which is a good sign.
I got to change Logan’s diaper today too! This was my first real diaper to change. I know I probably won’t be saying this in a few months but I loved it!
Logan also likes to write notes. He left this one for us yesterday morning.


And this one for Addison:
His nurse, BJ, made my day yesterday too. She asked to be his primary nurse which means if she’s working she’ll be his nurse. We love BJ! She had preemie twins who stayed in nicu for a while so she can really relate to what we’re going through.
Logan’s head ultrasound came back completely clear yesterday too!
Logan got to flip to his belly for the first time yesterday. They were keeping him on his back because he didn’t react well every time they flipped him over at first. Now he’s doing great on his belly and seems to like it.
James has had a great 2 days. He’s still breathing on his own with just a little help from his cpap. They also turned off his blue light last night and took off his goggles.
I got to change James’s diaper today too. His diaper was smaller than Logan’s for some reason. But he’s almost too big for the smallest diapers. Too big! But he’s so small! He’s actually down to 2 lbs. 0.5 oz. Again this is normal.
James’s head ultrasound came back the same as Mason’s – possible bleeding in his brain but no swelling. He also has a faint heart murmur but probably just his PDA closing like Mason. Doctors aren’t too worried. He will get an EKG tomorrow and another head ultrasound Tuesday.

You probably noticed this in the pictures at the top but we saw James’s eyes today! So sweet!

One day at a time. 

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