Feeling Lots of LOVE This Week

26 Weeks! Yay! I feel huge this week (like I have the last few weeks, only bigger). This week the babies should be about 1 2/3 lbs. each (about 1 lb. 10 oz. if you don’t want to do the math) and they are about 14 inches long. This week’s food comparison is a scallion. I assume this is for length only because a scallion weighs about 0 lbs. In baby development, they should be able to hear voices (not just mine). I think they can because it feels like they kick in response to sounds sometimes.Yesterday 2 of them started kicking when Addison sang at the school talent show. So cute (Addison and the babies). Their man parts are also developing this week. It’s still weird to me that I have 3 sets of man parts in my belly!

We’ve had a super busy week this week but we are feeling so loved. First, my mom and aunt Lou Ann came in town on Friday and painted the nursery. I love it! Here’s a preview:
For now I’ll just say that I love it! I love the navy wall and the stripes! I could never paint stripes on a wall, much less 5 stripes (and I would never try) but my mom is very talented and patient. Those stripes took a lot of time! Thanks Mom and Lou Ann!

I’ll do a separate blog post just about the nursery once it’s finished. We ordered a glider and a dresser over the weekend so we should have all of the furniture in about 2 weeks. 

We also had 2 baby showers this weekend. Thanks so much to everyone who came and made both days special for us! We got lots of baby gear so we’re well on our way to being ready for the boys to make their appearance.
The first shower was my mother in law’s friends (who are also the teachers from Addison’s school). They are professional shower throwers! Thanks Mrs. Lewis, Mrs. Veach, Mrs. House, Mrs. Mentzer, Mrs. Peters, Mrs. Poldrack, and Stephanie. And thanks to Meredith Snape for making the cookies! Here are a few pictures from the first shower. The family and the cookies. These are the only pictures I got!

We had a second shower on Sunday. Here are a few pictures from the second shower. Thanks Shannon, Shay, Veronica, Kacky, and Lizzie (and your husbands too)! We had lots of fun and you did a great job with the circus theme! This one was a family shower so Brian got to come too! 

I came home to 3 more gifts on my front porch today! I love coming home to packages on my porch! Thanks everyone! We really appreciate everyone thinking of us!

I also saw Dr. Dora this week (yesterday). She said everything is positive! I passed my diabetes test. I gained another 13 lbs. this month. That’s 42 lbs. total if you’re counting. I think the trick is lots of granola bars and absolutely NO exercise. (Unfortunately this 42 lbs. has not helped my bony butt at all as I learned last night sitting on bleachers for 2 hours). My blood pressure is still normal. And the babies heartbeats are still good. Yay! I get to keep working for now too because I haven’t had any contractions or other signs of problems. From here on out I’ll probably see either Dr. Dora or Dr. Wendel every week so they’ll reevaluate every week. 
Here’s my weekly picture. Getting huge!
Next appointment is Monday with Dr. Wendel. We should get a full level 2 ultrasound with pictures then! 
Finally, Addison went to her sibling class today at the hospital. She learned how to change a diaper and the right way to hold a baby. Good stuff that she’ll need to know! Here’s a cute picture of Addison and Brian at the class. 

I know that was a lot for one post! I wanted to break it up but didn’t have time to do anything else over the weekend. 
Again thanks to everyone who has supported us during this crazy and exciting time! It means the world to us!

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