24 Weeks

Huge milestone this week! The babies are now considered “viable.”  That means that they have a 50/50 chance of survival if they are born now! Obviously we don’t want them to come this early but it’s still a huge milestone, especially for multiples. According to Dr. Wendel the next 4 weeks are very important. 

This week the babies are almost a foot long and should weigh about 1 lb. 3-4 oz. That is right on track with their measurements last week at the ultrasound. (If you missed my post about the ultrasound you can read it here.) The babies are supposedly the size of an ear of corn. That’s the length comparison. Sometimes it feels like there are 3 ears of corn in there. Especially in my ribs!
The babies are moving a lot now! According to my internet resources they should be the most active over the next 4 weeks. I love feeling them kick so I’m pretty excited about that. But I have started having trouble sleeping and staying comfortable in general because it feels like my ribs are going to break! Front and back! I wish Baby B would just turn sideways like his brothers! I think he’s going to be my stubborn one. 
The babies made it into their first family tree today too. Addison had to make a family tree for Spanish class and all the babies are included. I love it!
Not much new to report. In other news Addison came home on Sunday! Yay! We missed her a lot! A week alone is not the same as it used to be for sure. Plus Brian was gone one night too so I was home all by myself. I didn’t know what to do with myself! 

We had some family time on Sunday after Addison got home. She had a soccer game. And she played every position and scored a goal! So I lost $5 because she gets paid for goals. (Yes. I bribe my child to play hard. This backfired on me the first week we had this deal a few years ago because she scored 4 goals that day!). Then Brian and Addison cooked dinner. Aren’t they cute in their aprons?
Brian’s pleather is a little disturbing I know. He likes it though. And he doesn’t wear it out of the house or backyard so it’s fine with me. 
We also got these last week. 
Another surprise delivery! We now have 3 carseats! Thanks Tim! 
Here’s my weekly picture. 


I feel huge this week! I know I’m supposed to be big but my face is starting to look big too! I made Addison take several pictures before I settled on this one. I told her they made me look huge and she asked me how to make me not look huge! I don’t know the answer to that unfortunately. Oh well. It’s all for my boys!

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