Ultrasound Update

Second post this week! Bonus! We had another Level 2 ultrasound today! All 3 babies are doing great and they look perfect! 2 of them weigh approximately 1 lb. 2 oz. and the other one weighs approximately 1 lb. 1 oz. all 3 heartbeats are in the normal range too. And they all have lots of fluid. All good signs.

We saw Dr. McGann today instead of Dr. Wendel. He’s also an MFM and he’s good too. And very informative. He answered every question I had (and I had lots of questions). Most importantly he said I can keep doing everything like normal because everything looks good. Yay! That means I can keep working as long as I feel ok. And I like working so that’s good news!
Now for the pictures. We got some really good ones! The babies look like little newborns (or little old men depending on how you look at it). 
These 2 are Baby B and Baby C side by side. C on the left, B on the right. They are separated by a thin membrane but you can’t see it in these pictures. You can really see Baby C’s face in the first one! 

The ultrasound technician was thrilled that she got 2 in 1 picture. Apparently multiples don’t usually cooperate for this. So I’m surprised mine did!

Here’s a single picture of Baby A. I’m so amazed by this one. It’s so clear. Looks like a photo! 

Here’s 2 of Baby B. He likes to keep his hands by his face so we couldn’t get a clear picture of his face. In the second one you can see his little hand and fingers. And he was pushing one of his brothers away!

Here’s a profile of Baby C. This one isn’t as clear as the first one above. 

Obviously I’m in love already!! They are so perfect! 
Here’s a bonus picture for today:
A very sad Otis! He does this to me every time I leave the house! He’s especially bad this week after we boarded him last weekend. He’s pretty pitiful! 
Next appointment is April 15 with Dr. Dora. Then April 21 we have an appointment for another Level 2 ultrasound and we’ll see Dr. Wendel again. 

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