22 Weeks

I’m on time this week! 22 weeks today. The babies are each about 11 inches long (almost 1 ft tall!) and about 1 lb.! They’re growing for sure. This week’s food baby analogy is spaghetti squash. Now I’m pretty adventurous with my food  but I’ve never had spaghetti squash. Nor do I know what one looks like. I assume the inside is like spaghetti? Maybe my baby app needs to reconsider their food choices. Luckily it tells me actual length and weight too.

We went to see Dr. Dora yesterday. Everything is going perfectly still. Yay! I’ve gained 29 lbs. total now (16 in the last month) so the doctors are happy with me. I’m on track to gain the 60 lbs. Dr. Wendel wants me to gain. I’m pretty happy too. I feel like that’s what I needed to gain this month. My blood pressure is still good too. So I get to just keep doing what I’ve been doing for now. Next appointment with Dr. Dora is April 15 (Tax Day) so unless things change I’ll stick with my normal routine until at least then!
Best part of this week is that we saw the babies again! Yay! I cried the whole time. I couldn’t stop the tears! This hasn’t happened before so it was new to me! But in my defense, I haven’t seen them in what seems like forever! They are so much bigger than last time we saw them! Dr. Dora couldn’t get all 3 in one picture anymore! But she did get 3 individual pictures.
Baby A:
Baby B:
Baby C:


As you can see, they didn’t want their pictures taken this time! Dr. Dora worked really hard to get these pictures. They were moving a lot though! Baby A is still really low and he’s starting to get squished. Supposedly this won’t affect his growth or development. Baby B is on my side up and down (head down butt in my ribs) and Baby C is on my left side a little under my ribs. Baby A and Baby B are in pretty small areas but Baby C has lots and lots of room. Hopefully Baby B will shift and use some of that extra room! But the good news is that they all really have plenty of room because they have lots of fluid in their sacs. Dr. Dora said it’s like they each have their own little swimming pool.
I’ve been feeling the babies move a lot this week. I can feel Baby B shift positions but I usually don’t feel when Baby A or Baby C shift positions. I think it’s because of where they are. But I feel all 3 of them kick all the time. Brian hasn’t felt them kick yet. Every time he puts his hands on my belly they stop moving! Maybe he has a calming effect on the babies. That will come in handy!
I’m still growing too. Here’s my picture for the week:

I thought I would try out a new pose if we’re gonna do the same picture every week! Ha! Addison will be so proud.

In other news, I’m losing my belly button. I still have one but it’s steadily shrinking. And in case you didn’t know (I didn’t) it really hurts when you lose your belly button. You’re welcome for that fun fact. I didn’t lose my belly button with Addison so this is new to me. Dr. Dora assured me it’s normal. I’m just hoping it doesn’t turn into an outie!
Also I bought a bunch of baby pants today at Target. $2.50 each so I had to buy like 15 pairs of course. (I didn’t buy “like 15 pair” . . . I actually bought 15 pairs). In different sizes though so I’m being practical. Hopefully Brian believes that.
We’ve made some progress on the nursery this week too! My parents came through town Monday night and Brian and my dad moved the extra furniture out of the baby room and then we put the cribs where they’ll go. I love it! Then my mom ordered the baby bedding so that should be here soon too! Oh and we decided how we will paint the room. I’ll post pictures when it’s done. I’m so excited to get this done!
Next appointment is next Friday, March 28, We’ll get the big ultrasound and see Dr. Wendel.

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