21 (and a half) weeks

A few days late but 21 weeks this week (on Wednesday). The babies are the size of carrots. Seems like a weird food for comparison because carrots come in all different sizes so I guess that probably doesn’t help much. The babies are the size of 10-11 inch long carrots. To me they just feel big!

I made the mistake of saying that the babies have been nice this week a few days ago. Baby B has lived in my ribs for the last 2 days now. Ouch! To give you an idea, they are situated like this: Baby A is the lowest and he lays side to side. I don’t feel him shift positions much but I do feel him kick pretty often. Baby B sits up and down on my right side. He’s the one in my ribs. He makes sure I know  he’s there every day, all day long. Baby C is more on my right side and he’s the highest. He lays side to side too. I do feel him shift positions and I can see his outline move (kind of) if I watch my belly at night. I feel him all the time. He does not like it when I sneeze, yawn, cough, or make any other sudden movements that cause my stomach muscles to tense up. I’m doing my best to make more room for them!

Here’s this week’s picture (I did take the picture on Wednesday, in my suit):

We’ve been really busy since my last post (at home and at work). You can’t tell from the picture but I finally got my hair cut and my highlights fixed! Someone recently told me I had the ombre look going on. I wasn’t going for that look at all! My hair stylist also told me that I have a lot of “new growth” which means my hair fell out and now it’s growing back. This has happened to me a few times before (like when I took the bar and when I had back surgery). This time it fell out a few months ago when we found out we were having triplets!

We went on a short weekend trip to Hot Springs last weekend and went to Oaklawn to bet on the races Saturday. Brian and Addison take the horse races very seriously.

Addison won $8 I think. I won about $35 (that doesn’t include what I lost). Best bet of the day – I picked a trifecta box (the top 3 horses) on the last race! Yay me! I also bet on a horse that cheated earlier in the day. Fun fact about my horse betting skills – I’m not very good but I always bet on the horses that cheat. I guess I’m drawn to the “whatever-it-takes-to-win” type. It worked out this time though because he wasn’t disqualified he just got 2nd place instead of 1st place. I won more money that way anyways.

This week didn’t start off well at all! It was a Monday that tops most Mondays. First, I tried on 4 or 5 pairs of jeans that morning, with the belly band of course, and none of them zipped at all! That means I can’t wear them. Period. And these were my big jeans. So no more jeans for me. So after I figured out what to wear Monday morning (leggings as pants) I went to the DMV to transfer my vehicle registration. That didn’t turn out well at all! After waiting an hour (I know that isn’t long for my Memphis friends), the lady called my number. I went through the entire process, including the fact that she was charging me a fine (and wouldn’t waive it) because I didn’t transfer my tags within 30 days. I just said ok, no big deal. Then we got the payment part, I handed her my credit card to pay (they have “we accept credit card” signs all over the place) and she runs it. But then she says “oh, our credit card system has been down all morning. Do you have cash or a check?” I said no and asked if there was any way she could run my card (like the old fashioned way where they imprint the card or something). She said no you can only pay with cash or a check. Then she yelled at me because I didn’t have a check. In her ghetto-fabulous voice. Picture it in your mind. Not a good way to start the morning. Everyone in the place was staring at me – the visibly pregnant girl. I was so embarrassed. She continued yelling at me. Because I didn’t have a check! I was starting to cry when I left (without transferring my registration of course) but I didn’t let her see. She couldn’t win. Brian took care of everything of course later that day. She may be getting fired. I hope so. Apparently she had 2 complaints just that morning! Brian also brought me these awesome flowers. The card is the best!

Other than that, we just had a busy week. I got home from work after 8 on Wednesday and Thursday night (the reason for no blog post this week). This weekend has been pretty relaxing so far though. I do have to work some and get a brief started but I enjoy that so no big deal. Fellow lawyers and law school friends probably think this is crazy but brief writing is my happy place.

And we registered for baby stuff this week! Registering for baby stuff is pretty overwhelming because there’s so much stuff! But I did my research before we went so I knew what I wanted for the most part.  We still spent several hours in Babies R Us last weekend and Target last night! But I love all the super cute baby stuff. I only bought a few things so I’m doing pretty good (so far).I wanted to buy these but I didn’t.

I mean really . . . how cute is a baby in seersucker? Brian would have killed me though!

And last but not least, we have an appointment with Dr. Dora this Tuesday. Feels like forever since we’ve been to the doctor. I’m going to request that we not go this long again between appointments. I think it just fell this way but the appointments make me feel better and take away some of my stress so I want more of them! I’m really looking forward to Tuesday morning so I can see my boys again! I’ll update after that (hopefully on Wednesday this week!)

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