My 3 Boys

That’s right. The Mann triplets are all boys! I don’t know what to think. Again. This keeps happening. I have no idea what to do with boys so of course they are all boys. I guess we’ll learn.

Today we went to our big appointment with Dr. Wendell. He’s a maternal fetal medicine (MFM) doctor, or a high risk specialist. Everyone in Little Rock recommended him because he’s really good – actually he’s the best. I was really against a male lady doctor but because he’s the best I didn’t have to think twice about it. Only the best for my babies!

We had a big ultrasound that looked at the full anatomy of each baby. I say “big” because it was an hour long ultrasound on the Level 2 ultrasound machine. They’re definitely boys! The first 3 pictures from our ultrasound photos from today are penises. I won’t share them on here but if you don’t believe me just ask. I can prove it. Trying to keep it PG on here!

All 3 babies are looking great still. Baby A and Baby B weigh approximately 7 oz. each and Baby C weighs approximately 8 oz. This is what they are supposed to weigh if you were wondering. Also they all measured within 1 day in gestational age which is perfect. 
The ultrasound technician checked all of each baby’s organs and limbs. (They are all there. Yay!) They were pretty mobile today and moved around a lot. Baby A completely switched from one side to the other during his ultrasound. We got lots of pictures and a DVD today. I teared up a little at one point. This is the first time that’s happened to me with this pregnancy. I was way more emotional with Addison. Here are some pictures.

Baby A (above)
 Baby B (above and below)

Baby C (below)

And we got to see them in 4D today too! I wasn’t expecting this so it was an awesome surprise. All 3 boys like to keep their hands by their faces so we got a good shot of Baby A and Baby C in 4D. Baby B was hiding close to his placenta so his picture isn’t as good. But it’s amazing how much you can see in these pictures!

The scary news of the day – Dr. Wendell is really worried about preterm labor. I apparently have all of the risks –  (1) triplets (2) low pre-pregnancy weight and (3) history of preterm labor with Addison. My water broke at 30 weeks with Addison and she was born at 32 weeks. Dr. Wendell thinks the babies will definitely come before 32 weeks, which is average for triplets. To put things into perspective, my uterus is about the size of a normal single baby uterus at 30 weeks already! And my body doesn’t know that I have 3 babies in there. This is pretty scary to me. Good news is that I’m bigger than I ever got with Addison already. 

Dr. Wendell said the goal is 30 weeks (May 14). Brian and I are still hoping for 32 weeks (May 28 – our anniversary). Dr. Wendell said ideally I would be a 240 lb. 6 foot tall black woman. Exactly the opposite of myself. Pretty much he just meant that the babies need lots of room. And I’m not a good size for that right now. Hopefully I’ll get there! Please pray that I can get big and fat for these babies! Seriously. I can diet and exercise later.
So basically I have to take it easy and get fat. Dr. Wendell wants me to gain 60 lbs.!! That means lots of ice cream. We went straight to Sonic after the appointment and I got a Reese’s blast and chili cheese tater tots. Yum! Also I’m not allowed to exercise. Not even yoga. Good thing I didn’t really like yoga. Any extra exercise takes calories away from the babies. And they need lots of extra calories so they have plenty of room to grow and stay inside as long as possible. 
For now I’m going to keep working and doing normal stuff (just with more food). I will likely be put on some form of bedrest around 24 weeks or shortly thereafter. The doctors will reevaluate this as we go along. 
I am staying with Dr. Dora as my primary doctor for now. That’s good news. Dr. Wendell has been reviewing my file and ultrasounds as I’ve had appointments up to this point and he will continue to do so. I will see him and Dr. Dora from here on out though. Dr. Wendell wants the ultrasounds at his office so he can view them live and look himself if he so chooses. I’m pretty happy with this decision too because that means he’s right there if something comes up.
So right now we’re scheduled to go back to see Dr. Wendell on March 28 for another ultrasound. We’ll see Dr. Dora sometime before then.

And the babies will have names soon. I promise to share them. Also, if you have name suggestions, keep them to yourself. I don’t really care. Brian and I are naming these boys ourselves. Not trying to be mean! Just honest! 

2 thoughts on “My 3 Boys

  1. Welcome to the BBB club 🙂
    Boys are awesome! I wasn't sure I'd know what to do with boys either, I come from a family of girls, but they are a whole lot of rough & tumble fun! Plus think of the extra weddings you won't have to pay for 😉
    I'm glad everything seems to be going good so far.


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