18 weeks is when the clothes stop fitting

So we are 18 weeks today (tomorrow if you are reading this on Tuesday night). The babies are supposedly the size of bell peppers! According to my internet research, the babies should be around 7 oz. each this week and about 5 1/2 inches long! That seems a little big to me, but I guess I don’t feel very small anymore so maybe.

I had a regular checkup with Dr. Dora Tuesday. She said everything is going great! All 3 babies have perfect heartbeats. Yay! And Dr. Dora checked to see if they are boys or girls again. She confirmed what we learned last week. Baby A is a boy, Baby B is a boy and Baby C is a girl. She’s almost 100% sure about Baby A and Baby B. We’ll confirm Baby C on Monday when we go to the high risk doctor. Dr. Dora gave us a brief overview of this visit so I think we’re ready. Also, I gained . . . 11 pounds this month! Whoa! So that’s 12 lbs. total through 18 weeks. Dr. Dora is very happy with that. Brian is too. I can tell he’s relieved because he was so worried that I didn’t gain any weight during the first trimester.

Here are some pictures of the babies. In reverse order so C can go first for once. 

Baby C – you can see her little arms by her face!
Baby C’s tiny feet! So precious!
Baby B – looks like he’s smiling!
Baby A

I love getting to see my babies at every appointment! Dr. Dora is the best ultrasound picture taker! She gets each baby’s face every time! I kind of wish she could go with me to the Level 2 ultrasound!

You can’t tell by the pictures but they are little wiggle worms! I thought I felt one of them kick the other night but I haven’t felt it again. I know it’s coming soon. Then I’ll probably wish they would stop! So far I can only tell when they shift their entire bodies to one side (because it doesn’t feel good!)

Biggest event this week . . . I outgrew my regular clothes and had to stop buttoning my pants. Remember last week when I said I had court and wasn’t sure if any of my suits still fit? Well they don’t. I found this out Wednesday night and I had court Thursday morning. Luckily I had already bought a belly band so I wore that over my unbuttoned suit pants. And I left my shirt untucked. I hope the Judge wasn’t offended! I won my motion and the a judge gave me everything I asked for so I guess I was ok. I felt like a slob though. I had to wear a suit Friday too. Also unbuttoned with the belly band and untucked shirt. I felt more comfortable that day though for some reason. I think the shirt I chose Friday made me really look pregnant instead of just unprofessional. Who knows really. 
After the realization that I can’t keep wearing my clothes much longer I went shopping on Saturday. Not fun. I like shopping for clothes but this was different. I had a very limited budget and most of what I tried on looked terrible on me! If you’ve never been pregnant and had to shop for maternity clothes, this compares to swimsuit shopping somewhat. I did find a few things I can stand wearing. And luckily for Brian I skipped the front of the maternity clothes store where they keep the designer jeans. I’m kind of a jeans snob if you don’t know. But I don’t pay full price ever. And I’m not starting now! If someone has some designer maternity jeans I can have I would be your BFF forever. For real. But no pressure. 
Did you hear about the woman in Mississippi who thought she was having triplets then delivered quads? Surprise! How did they not know?! I mean I’m 18 weeks and I’ve had 6 ultrasounds already. That’s just crazy to me. But what if it happened to me?! I asked Dr. Dora and she said something isn’t right about this story. She said she’s positive I am only having 3!

Here’s a link to the surprise quads story in case you haven’t seen it and would like to read about it:


Also, today is Brian’s birthday! He’s 33 if you’re wondering. For his birthday he got to go with me to see Dr. Dora. And he got to see his babies too. And I cooked him dinner. He said he didn’t want anything for his birthday but he got a few gifts too. Here’s a picture of Brian with his mini cheesecake I didn’t make this but I wish I could make tiny cheesecakes. I can only make full-sized cheesecakes and then I have to eat a full-sized cheesecake because Brian usually only eats one piece and Addison doesn’t really like cheesecake. She called the crust cinnamon dust! Ha! She’s a mess.

And here’s a picture of me in my maternity clothes. I feel like I’ve gotten so much bigger this week! Maybe I have. Yesterday my favorite jeans wouldn’t button 😦 I was pretty sad. And very thankful for the belly band so I could still wear them.

Next Monday is the big appointment with the high risk doctor. We’ll confirm the gender of all 3 babies then too! Then I can start baby shopping. Don’t tell Brian.

2 thoughts on “18 weeks is when the clothes stop fitting

  1. Glad to hear everything is going well! I can't believe you are just now going into maternity clothes, I had to buy them almost immediately or it least it felt that way. I was still in my first trimester. I also have major food aversions & morning sickness, nausea only but it made eating hard. I didn't gain much the first trimester, gained 20 or so pounds the next 2 months then lost some weight the last 3 weeks or so for a grand total of 27lbs gained, lol…
    BBG seem much more less common than any other combination of triplets. I think statistics show it's all even but from the triplet moms I've met along the way the BBBs & GGBs out number the others. There's also more identical girls than boys too so maybe that's why.
    Sorry now I'm rambling…
    Can't wait to hear how your appointment with the MFM goes 🙂


  2. Thanks Spring! I didn't gain anything in the first trimester either. I feel like I've gained everything in the last week or two!

    We're pretty excited about 2 boys. My husband was really worried we would have 3 more girls then he'd be really outnumbered. I don't know what to do with boys though so this will be a new experience for me too!


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