17 Weeks – Almost Too Busy to Post!

17 weeks today! Sorry I don’t  have any fruit comparisons today. None of my weekly pregnancy emails told me this week and I did not have time to go out and actually research this. The only reason I am actually posting this today is because I wrote a draft yesterday. Just got home from work at 9 and just now eating dinner at 9:30 (I did eat at work too so don’t get too worried).But supposedly they are the size of turnips? That doesn’t help me at all. I also think the turnip comparison is for weight. They should be 5 oz. (and they are!!) And supposedly they will double in size in the next few weeks according to some unnamed internet sources that I looked at before today.

We had the follow up ultrasound yesterday. I was worried the appointment would be cancelled because the weathermen were predicting SNOW!! But we got nothing. Of course. We did get snow Friday night though. About 4 inches. Addison loved it! 

I love this picture. Pure joy. This is why kids are so awesome. Me? I just watched because Brian said the babies weren’t allowed to go sledding. But it was so worth it to see Addison’s excitement. 

Now that my ADD moment is over … Back to the ultrasound. This one went so much better! We checked their size, heartbeats and amniotic fluid. All 3 babies are doing perfectly! Perfect heartbeats and fluid. And all 3 weigh around 5 oz. That’s the right size according to the ultrasound technician. They measure size by measuring each baby’s head, belly and femur. They don’t measure length anymore though so I don’t know how long they are. 
Oh and we looked for sexes today too. This isn’t definite still but … Baby A looks like a BOY, Baby B looks like a BOY (again) and Baby C looks like a GIRL (still). I asked how sure she was and she said 80%. I’ll take it. Brian’s happy because with 2 potential boys he’s thinking they’re probably right about at least 1 of them. I think they’re probably both boys. She pointed out the penises. Weird that there are baby penises growing inside me but I’ll deal with that. Baby A looks pretty clear to me. Baby B isn’t as clear but that’s the one Dr. Dora thought was a boy before. 
Here’s a picture of Baby B from yesterday. So cute! Looks like he’s sucking his thumb!

I hope he doesn’t end up sucking his thumb like Addison! It’s cute but really hard habit to break. Brian finally got Addison to stop when she was 5! Of course his first attempt worked too after I had been trying for years. 

We also got our cribs this week. They came on Monday while I was at work. And Brian built them already!!

Obviously I’ll put them in different places but they’re in the room!  It’s getting real to me finally. We have 3 cribs!

We’ll order the bedding once we find out for sure if they’re boys or girls. Brian finally told me his names yesterday. I’m not sharing any names though so don’t ask.  Also no one else gets a say in case anyone was wondering. 
Next Dr. Dora appointment next Tuesday. Then the next week we go to the high risk doctor and we get a level 2 ultrasound. They’ll check each baby’s full anatomy at that appointment so we should confirm sexes then. I can’t wait! 
Here’s a picture of me. 

Getting bigger finally. Some of my clothes are starting to get tight too. I’m not happy about that but it’s making the pregnancy feel more real. I had to unbutton my jeans last week after lunch one day but other than that I’m still buttoning my pants. Mostly just my shirts are a little snug and some are even a little short. But I have court in the morning and I have no idea what I’ll wear. Hopefully I can find something court appropriate. I think at least one of my suits should still fit.
Also I still love ice cream. Kroger makes Baby Ruth ice cream that is AMAZING! I don’t even like Baby Ruth candy bars but everyone needs to try this stuff. Seriously. Do it.

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