16 Weeks

16 weeks today! I guess we may be half way . . . we’ll see. If these babies are like Addison then we’re half way there. Anyways, the babies are supposedly the size of avocados this week (for Keith who likes the fruit references).

This was a rough week for me. I mean, most of my pregnancy symptoms are gone now that I’m in the second trimester. Oh wait, that is except the worst pregnancy symptom. For me at least. I am an emotional wreck this week. I also started feeling sick yesterday. Today I sound like a man (apparently a drag queen according to my coworkers but still a man). I guess that means more ice cream though so that’s good at least. And my regular clothes are really starting to get tight so I had to go out and buy some belly bands so I can quit buttoning my jeans pretty soon.

If you remember, I had an ultrasound appointment on Monday. I was really excited about this appointment and have been looking forward to it since my last appointment. We were going to get to see the babies on the big ultrasound equipment AND we were supposed to confirm the sexes of the babies. But that didn’t happen.  In fact, nothing really happened except they measured my cervix (looks good by the way so yay!). We left the appointment more confused than before. I didn’t even get any pictures!

When the ultrasound technician (I assume that’s her title) came in she asked if we knew the sexes because apparently everyone at the doctor’s office has been wondering. We said we were supposed to confirm that today. So she checked. Kind of. She didn’t look too hard in my opinion. At least not compared to the last ultrasound girl or Dr. Dora. So here’s what she told us – Baby C looks like a girl and Baby B looks like a girl too! What?! But Dr. Dora said Baby B was a boy! So she checked again and said maybe Baby B is a boy, I’m not sure. So now we don’t know about any of the babies’ sexes. I don’t trust her opinion about Baby C either anymore. She didn’t really check Baby A at all. Then she checked my cervix and said we were done. I asked her “aren’t you going to measure the babies?” And she said “No, we just did that so we’re not doing that today.” (we didn’t just do that – we haven’t measured them in a month!) I was kind of in shock so I didn’t question her at the time.  The more I thought about it though, the more upset I got. I mean, my understanding was that we would get these stronger ultrasounds every month to check the babies’ measurements. We need to make sure they are all growing at the same rate right? And she didn’t even check their heartbeats!

After I got back to work I became very upset. I’m usually a laid-back, go-with-the-flow kind of girl but not when it comes to these babies. I am constantly worried that something will go wrong. So of course the more I thought about the ultrasound and how she didn’t even check the babies at all, the more upset I got.

So . . . Brian to the rescue! He emailed Dr. Dora and told her our concerns. And it turns out I was right! (I love saying that). They were supposed to check the babies at this appointment. I guess there was some confusion somewhere. But Dr. Dora fixed it. So we have another ultrasound scheduled for next Tuesday. They will measure the babies then and check for sexes then too. Yay! Brian is hoping and praying that Baby B is still a boy I know!

Lucky for me I have a great husband and some great friends to support me through my emotional roller-coaster pregnancy. One of my friends even cried because I was upset! I guess she’s a keeper.

Other than my emotional state I had a pretty good week. We ordered 3 cribs and 3 crib  mattresses on Amazon yesterday. They should be here by the end of next week! Yay! We also had a “snow day” yesterday. I put “snow day” in quotations because we didn’t actually get any snow. We got freezing rain for a few hours so the roads were a little icy and we stayed home. I got up at my normal time and worked from home for a while. But I did get to rest some which was really nice. This past weekend Addison and I went out to lunch and had some Mom and Addison time too which was nice. I wish we had time to do this more often! Oh, and I’ve gotten to eat lots of ice cream this week too.

2 thoughts on “16 Weeks

  1. Hi there! I'm Spring from 30 Fingers 30 toes. Congrats on your triplets!
    I'm wondering if Dr Dora is a regular OB or if she is a MFM (maternal fetal medicine) if she's just an OB I urge you to find or get her to refer you to an MFM also, they monitor more high risk pregnancies, keep a closer eye on things that typically affect multiples. When it comes to triplets I think o2 sets of eyes watching is better than one anyways. As those babies grow it gets harder & harder to see them & differentiate who is who. MFMs usually have the best ultrasound techs too 🙂
    If you have any questions or want to chat feel free to email, message or find me on fb! There nothing I love more than talking about triplets, lol…


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