Home Sweet Memphis

We had a great trip to Memphis this weekend (in our new minivan of course). I always love going home but I can’t seem to get there often enough. You would think a 2 hour trip wouldn’t be too hard to squeeze in but you’d be surprised. I can only imagine how this will be when we have 3 more kids in tow. Maybe everyone will just have to come visit us in Little Rock more often.

We had a full schedule of things to do this weekend, but first, my mom made homemade spaghetti. She called on Thursday to see what I wanted since I can eat anything I want as she put it. I’m not sure why she asked. My answer is always spaghetti. This was our first trip home since we told everyone we were pregnant and that we were having not one but three babies. I loved seeing everyone and showing off my ultrasound pictures in person. In a family of 5 kids I don’t get to be the center of attention very often. Maybe that’s why God decided I needed to have triplets – so I can get some attention for once. Whatever the reason, I’ll take it. (Disclaimer – I do get plenty of attention. There’s lots of love and attention to go around in my family. I just have to share).

The main reason for our trip – Brian’s sister and brother-in-law had their baby this week. That’s right, Baby Liam arrived this week! The triplets will have a cousin only a few months older than them! Sorry Liam that you only get to be the baby for a few months! 
Addison got to hold sweet Liam. A little practice for her big sister duties. She’s a natural.
And of course Brian got in a little baby time too! Actually, he hogged the baby and didn’t want to give him back. He’s ready I think . . . maybe.
We also visited with my BFF Carly and her babies – Maddy (almost 6) and Sadie (4 months). Sweet Sadie is such a happy baby! I would have brought her home with me but I guess I can wait a few months and have 3 of my own!
Now that I’ve spent time with other people’s babies I’m ready for mine to be here! But not too soon. Trying to keep these babies in as long as possible. 
I spent most of the day Saturday shopping for baby stuff – my first real babies shopping trip! We found some great cribs at a store in Memphis. Then we found them at a better price online when we got home! Yay! I also picked out my nursery bedding at Pottery Barn Kids. So cute!  I also made the executive decision that we won’t use bumpers in the cribs unless the pediatrician says we need them. I’ve been reading that doctors are recommended that parents NOT use bumpers because they can hurt the babies. Addison survived with bumpers and so did most other babies but we’ll save the money where we can. This way the babies will be able to see each other in their cribs too, which I’ve heard is great for them.
So this was a perfect weekend. Spent time with family and friends, played with some babies, went shopping for baby stuff, and ate lots of good food. Oh and I finally got a good night’s sleep one night, thanks to my Snoogle that Brian bought me last week (photos to come in the future). Hopefully more of those to come!

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