Do We Know Genders?

14 weeks tomorrow! We made it though the first trimester! Yay!

We went back to see Dr. Dora today (yes my doctor is named Dora and yes I sing the Dora song in my head every time I say her name).  Everything is going great still. All 3 babies look great. Baby B was the most active during the ultrasound today. Baby A is starting to get squashed because this one is closest to the cervix and has the least amount of room. Baby C had its legs crossed Indian style – so cute! Dr. Dora said they’ll all be in that position soon because they will run out of room. 

Some firsts today:
1. We heard all 3 heartbeats. All 3 were perfect!
2. Dr. Dora thinks she can tell genders!! 
3. I gained weight! 1 lb. to be exact but hey it’s progress. Dr. Dora doesn’t seem too concerned with my weight yet so I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing for now.
So back to the genders. That’s what everyone wants to know. If that’s why you came to read my blog today don’t feel bad. I would totally do it to someone else too.
Baby B. Baby B appears to be a boy. We’re pretty sure about that one. Brian is super happy that he’s getting a boy! He was so worried we would have 3 more girls. Then it would be Brian v. 5 Mann ladies. This way he gets a buddy. For now he plays with little Adam, the little boy across the street who comes over with his sister. Adam was pretty upset when we moved in that we did not have any boys for him to play with. Adam has definitely made his case that we need some more boys for the neighborhood. Maybe we can help add 1 more.
Baby A and Baby C. Baby A and Baby C were way more modest so Dr. Dora was not as confident. But . . .  they both appear to be girls. 2 more little princesses to spoil and dress up! And they have way cuter little girl stuff now than when Addison was little so I’m pretty excited.  
WARNING!!! Dr. Dora said “don’t start monogramming anything yet.” Today’s gender announcement is only preliminary. Especially on Baby A and Baby C. We are only 14 weeks (tomorrow) which is a little early to know gender. Also we only looked at the babies with the weaker ultrasound so we’ll want to confirm that this preliminary observation is correct before we name them and start making long term plans. I would hate to cause gender confusion before the babies even know their names. 
Other than that today was pretty uneventful in baby land. The rest of my day is a different story but that’s part of being a lawyer I guess. No one can say it’s boring that’s for sure! 
Here are a few ultrasound pictures from today. As you can see from the first picture, there are still 3 babies in there!:

Next appointment is in 2 weeks (Monday February 3) for a full strength ultrasound. We’ll probably confirm genders then. Then I’ll see Dr. Dora 2 weeks after that (on Brian’s birthday). We’ll probably see the high risk specialist at some point within the next month or so too.

For now we’re pretty excited about the unexpected gender reveal today! 

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