Did You Say Triplets?

That’s what the doctor said. And we saw them right there on the screen – 3 babies with 3 heartbeats.

I’ll start from the beginning because this is my first post. We decided a few months ago that we wanted to have a baby. Apparently we did something right. We found out I was pregnant in December but we didn’t tell anyone because we wanted to wait until after the first appointment. So we scheduled the first doctor appointment as soon as we could after Christmas (January 7). Brian read at least two whole books before we went to that first appointment so he felt pretty much ready for the appointment. He wasn’t ready at all!
Everything started out pretty normal. The doctor decided to do an ultrasound just to verify that the due date was correct and to make sure everything was going well. That’s when things got a little crazy . . . 
Brian and I could see the screen the whole time. She was looking at the baby, then she stopped. I just knew something was wrong, but then I saw it. A second baby. She asked us if we had twins on either side of the family. We don’t . Then, as she was checking out the babies, she found the a third baby. Triplets!! No we didn’t do any fertility treatment. These are spontaneous triplets! I have since done some research (ok I’ve since done a lot of research) and learned that triplets only account for about 1 in every 8,100 births. That’s pretty rare! We beat the odds. Some of our family and friends have called us overachievers. Maybe they’re right . . . .
Here’s what we saw on the screen:
It’s a little hard to see but there are 3 numbered compartments – one for each baby. They have since been renamed Baby A, Baby B, and Baby C, but more on that later.
We told everyone that we were pregnant that night. We had planned to wait until the weekend but Brian isn’t good at waiting. In fact, he was supposed to propose to me after Christmas 2009, but as soon as he got the ring, he couldn’t wait so he proposed on December 9 instead. I guess I am not surprised that he couldn’t wait to tell this huge news! 
We hadn’t told anyone in either of our families yet. We had already decided that we wanted to tell Addison first. I had already ordered her a big sister shirt but it wasn’t in yet. So we went with Plan B – Brian went and bought her a big sister charm for her Pandora bracelet and a card. Then we told the rest of our families. We got to tell Brian’s parents in person because they live close to us. We used FaceTime to tell my parents so we got to see their reactions. Everyone else we told by phone. 
Telling our news was really fun. We got to give everyone the good news that we are pregnant, but then we also got to say “but wait . . . there’s more.” Pretty much everyone was in disbelief at our news. Brian’s sister didn’t believe him for about 10 minutes. Maybe he lies too much, I’m not sure.
We let Addison tell everyone at school the next day. This was huge news at school. She’s like a little celebrity (and so are Brian and I to an extent). I’m sure Addison is the most popular kid at school right now so we’ll just let her soak that up for a while. 
We went back to the doctor on Friday for more a detailed ultrasound. Here’s what we know about the babies. They move around a lot but I can’t feel them move yet. They are all about the same size (about 5 cm last week but growing quickly) which is the most important thing. They are all in separate amniotic sacs and they appear to all have separate placentas. This is ideal because it means that they don’t have to share nutrients or blood supply, which can lead to one growing too much and one not enough. We probably won’t know if they are identical or fraternal until they’re born. Based on my research, it is likely that 2 are identical and 1 is fraternal. We will likely find out if they are boys, girls, or a combination within the next month or so.  
Here are some of my favorite pictures from the Friday ultrasound:
This is Baby A. This one is closest to the cervix (or the lowest one). 
This is Baby B at the top, Baby A is below and Baby C is the one you can only see a little part of (I think it’s a head). Baby B is on my right side for now and is second closest to the cervix. Baby C is on my left side and is a little higher than Baby B right now. That could change though.
This is Baby C. I loved seeing the little face! I know it looks like an alien but I love my little alien Baby C!
We also got to see them in 3D which was a complete surprise! This is Baby B on top and Baby C on the bottom.
These last 2 are Baby A on the top right and Baby B on the bottom left. They were back to back (through the thin wall that separates them) then they moved and looked like they were spooning. They love each other already!
So that’s it on the baby pictures. We’ll get to see them way more often than if we had just one baby because the doctors will constantly check their growth and development. So I will share pictures whenever I get them!
We shared our news on Facebook this past weekend. We let Addison tell the good news with this picture:

We’ve been overwhelmed by the responses we have received. I have never felt so loved! So many people commented, sent prayers, and called us to tell us congratulations and good luck. I know this is a big deal to us but I had no idea it would be such big news to everyone else too! 
A little about my pregnancy thus far. I am thirteen weeks as of this post. I have not gained any weight, but I am trying! (Disclaimer for other pregnant women who may hate me – I only gained 9 lbs. the first time around.) I have had some nausea but nothing some crackers won’t fix. I have been pretty tired but that has gotten better over the past few weeks. And I am starting to show a little (but apparently no one but me can tell). I am having a hard time adjusting my diet but I am really trying to eat more so I can gain weight. I promise! The only craving I’ve had so far is ice cream so that’s good for the extra calories!
Ok so I’ll stop here for now. I know that was a lot to say at once but A LOT HAS HAPPENED this week! 

5 thoughts on “Did You Say Triplets?

  1. We got the news from your mom's facebook post. Wonderful news! I know you guys are excited but I bet Addison just loves the fact that she will have THREE babies to love! Wishing the best for all of you and can't wait for your next post! Praying all goes well and they arrive safely and healthy. Congrats again!


  2. Congratulations, Angela! My cousin, Cassie Isaacson, sent me your blog address because I have triplets, too. I have BGG, which sounds like that's what you're expecting? My kids are 3 1/2 now. I blogged since their birth but made my blog private recently. I don't know if you've already connected with lots of moms of triplets, but I know when I was pregnant I couldn't get enough of hearing other people's experiences. I'd love to answer any questions you might have. Here's my email: andreasfarrell@yahoo.com. I can also add your email to my blog list if you're interested. Good luck! I wish you all the best. I think triples are so much fun! 🙂


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